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Aroma Jewelry Soap Bar | Blue / Berry scent - Light

Product Description

It is slightly pungent and encourages a sweet and sour feeling. Fresh Berry's natural appearance. It is a scent and color that is good for refreshment if you use it when you want freshness.

The beautiful jewel soap bar with each color in its transparency is reminiscent of stained glass. The soaps remain firm and usable with continued use. The perfect gift with its beautiful shape and color and rich aroma.

Coconut oil, the main ingredient, has antibacterial properties protect the skin from harmful bacteria. It also has excellent effects on skin moisturizing and maintains smooth and elastic skin.

The soft foam takes off all the residue from the skin and leaves mild aroma, so it makes you feel clean and relaxed. This soap is for daily use for the hand and body, and even for the face unless your skin is especially sensitive to its scent.

This is handmade soap so each color and cutting may be slightly different. The product cannot be exchangeable/ refundable with its slight difference.

Size/ Weight
6.5*5.5*3cm(Max) | 100g/3.5oz

Work up a rich lather with water for a moisturizing cleanse. For more of a foamy lather, use a sponge or loofah.

Keep this bar somewhere dry and draining between uses. For travel, pop it in a sealed container.

For external use only, if skin irritation occurs or increases, discontinue use and consult a physician. Keep out of reach of children.

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